When you remember Allah…

When you remember Allah, thank Him for guiding you to remember Him as that is the greatest comfort and ease to your heart.

When you’re lost and all alone… Remember Allah and you’ll realize you are not lost and far are you from loneliness or despair.

When you’re feeling saddness and pain, ask Allah to cure you for He has the only cure and He will remove your pain and make you happy again.

When you realize you have not been as grateful to Allah as you should, reflect on All of the things you neglected to thank Him for, And ask for forgiveness then give thanks to Allah with all of your sorrow, regret and guilt.

For thanking someone due to the negligence of your gratitude brings about true sincerity due to the regret in your hearts.

We are not perfect. We have so many flaws and we are extremely weak in countless ways. We make mistakes, and at times we are ungrateful because we forget.

It’s alright if you are full of flaws and shortcomings, but this is only okay if they cause you to feel remorse, ask for forgiveness, reflect on your actions and strive to become more grateful to Allah.

If your flaws bring about tears of remorse, guilt and regret. If those tears and your turning away causes you to repent, to talk to Allah before you sleep and as soon as remember your shortcomings, then this is a blessing.

Because some people who worship Allah very greatly on the outside do not feel anything inside of their hearts and they are blind to their flaws and shortcomings.

The repentance of the sinner is more beloved to Allah than the piety of the most pious amongst us, and this is only the case when the one who is pious has arrogance inside their heart, whereas the sinner regrets, reflects and asks forgivness sincerely because they are aware of all they do wrong, because some who view themselves as pious become blind to their own faults.

They have deluded themselves.

So cry your tears, talk to your Lord, and know that a single tear may save one from Hellfire whereas the entire oceans of earth could not ever hope to extinguish a single flame of Its fire.

It is better for us to be broken and humbled before Allah in tears rather than arrogant from worship.
– Umar


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