Be A Razor

You’re born, you live, and you die. There are no do-overs, and most times there are no second chances to make things right if you mess them up the first time. Sometimes a chance is written to make them right by Allah’s will, but ultimately, you make your choices and you have to live with them. In the end? You are those choices.

We are believers caught up in this war. For many, they don’t even realize they’re at war. For others? War is all they know… Some wars begin long before we are guided to Islam, and every war continues long after. We’re at war with the devil, we’re at war with evil, we’re at war with the demons in our own self, memories, mistakes, the choices we made or have yet to make.

Sometimes we have to do things that we never thought we were capable of… if only just to show the enemy our resolve.

Sometimes we have to be capable of setting aside our fears, setting aside our hesitation, setting aside every natural inhibition that can be the difference between life and death. Sometimes we have to be what we’re not, because we can’t give up even if our wounds are still bleeding and our scars are still burning on the inside.

When we make that choice to stand and confront the worst parts of ourselves, we become razors. Sometimes all we can be are razors… because if we don’t, and if we let our gaurd down for even a second, we won’t survive. And if we don’t survive? Then we don’t have the luxury of becoming a normal person again. I am razor, always trying to survive, some days forgetting how to just live. Some days lost even to myself.. because if I’m not a razor, I just don’t know how to survive.

There will always be scars inside of us, scars we can’t ignore and scars we won’t ever speak about. Scars of pain and scars of events. These scars are for Allah and us alone, they arent for sharing, and they arent anything to be proud about or anything we take lightly. They are precious to us, because they keep us grounded. Remembering them is what let’s us be a razor during the times we feel like giving up the most.

War is a dirty game, and the devil will not show mercy to you but Allah will, He has, and He does. So appreciate that and just strive.
– Umar


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